Only Major Credit Cards Accepted at Check In

Written by Administrator on Thursday, 17 April 2014.

Credit Card Requirements

In order to provide some clarification regarding credit card requirements from our featured promotions, we felt the need to elaborate on the subject.
Almost daily, we are presented with the question: “Why do I have to have a major credit card for this promotion? I carry a credit card that is a Visa or MasterCard, and I can use it as both debit and credit”

The reality is that debit cards and major credit cards differ on a few aspects, but the one aspect we want to focus on, is credit itself.

A debit card is the type of card that is attached to your checking or savings account, and does not include any line of credit from your bank. Basically, the balance on your card is the balance on your checking account, and your credit score is not necessarily a determining factor in obtaining these types of cards.

With the exception of Calypso Cay Resort and their hotel, The Inn at Calypso Cay, a valid major credit card will be required to check in at any of the resorts listed on our website (no exceptions). You can, however, pay for your hotel / resort reservation, with a debit card on our website, as long as you carry with you at the time of check in, a current, valid major credit card.

Due to the high demand and popular low rates of our promotions, it is not possible to hold a reservation without payment.

All reservations require full payment at the time of booking. The card is not automatically charged, but rather, it is charged at the time of hotel / resort confirmation (usually within 24 hours from reservation initial submission).

Please note, that if your card is attached to your checking or savings account, and usually you can use it as credit, for the Timeshare industry, that is not the case, and it will not be considered a valid credit card at check in.


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